QUICK QUIZ … By Roy O’Reilly

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Blake Carrington1. On a recently released three-year-old video, which prince said “our little Paki friend”? 2. Which Hollywood star was born in Tasmania in 1909? 3. Blake Carrington was the patriarch of an oil family in which TV show? 4. Which US singer did Bono recently describe as a “dysfunctional character and a cretin”? 5. Which former Victorian Test spinner recently asked for police protection over claims his family had been tormented by a paparazzo? 6. In which 1982 movie did Julie Andrews play an entertainer pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman?ANSWERS1. Prince Harry. 2. Errol Flynn. 3. Dynasty. 4. Chris Martin. (Coldplay). 5. Shane Warne. 6. Victor/ Victoria.
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