Kuta dog-paddles with the dolphins in Esperance

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Kuta prefers to swim alongside owner Erin Cummings in the crystal clear waters of the Esperance coastline rather than catch a ride on the paddle board.Erin Cummings and her dog Kuta madewaves online when sheposted a video on her Facebook pageof the pup playing with a pod of dolphins.
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The 21-year-old took the footage on her GoPro camera while paddle boarding with her dog at West Beach.

The pair have often frolicked with dolphins around Esperance but this was her first attempt at filming the display.

Ms Cummings said she originally filmed Kuta and the dolphins for an international Go Pro competition.

“That was the first time I tried it and I got really lucky -it’s hard to get them on film,” she said.

Erin Cummings and Kuta swimming with Esperance dolphins.Post by Erin Cummings and Kuta swimming with Esperance dolphins..

“I’m still getting messages about it from people saying how much they loved the videoorasking if they can share it. People just don’t believe it, that it’s something we get to do.”

Ms Cumming and her boyfriend found Kuta and her sibling at eight-weeks-oldon the side of the road, malnourished and covered in fleas. The couple welcomed Kuta to the familyand their friend kept the other puppy.

A pod of dolphins visiting West Beach is a regular sight for long-time local Erin Cummings and her rescue dog Kuta.

“She’s the perfect dog for me, she loves the water and would happily swim all day,” Ms Cummings said.

“Afterwards I’ll take her home and she’ll just sleep all day, she’s a very easy dog to maintain.”

MsCummings said the rescue dog wouldride on the paddle board with her but prefers to jump in the water and swim alongside, especially when the dolphins appear.

“It’s the chase I think,she seesthe fins andjust takes off after them,” she said.

“These massive pods of dolphins will hang around us and they love her.”

The Bay of Isles Leisure Centre lifeguardhas lived in Esperance since she was four andtries to get down to the beach at least once a day, sometimes before and after work.

Kuta has even had the chance to play with a seal down at Blue Haven Beach.

“The seal would swim under herand pop up behind her, it looked like they were playing chasie”

Internet sensation: This photo by Erin Cummings has gained attention for capturing a hidden view of Kuta the dog playing with dolphins at West Beach.

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