Anthony Bell berths Sydney to Hobart winning yacht Perpetual Loyal in Newcastle

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Super yacht’s new home?clear as a Bell | photos PORT IN A STORM: Perpetual Loyal is moored in Newcastle. Picture: Jonathan Carroll
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PORT IN A STORM: Perpetual Loyal is moored in Newcastle. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

IN HAPPIER TIMES: Anthony Bell with Sydney to Hobart winner Perpetual Loyal. Picture: Anthony Bell

TweetFacebookPerpetual Loyal, two words that didn’t exactly fill Waverley Local Court on Thursday as Bell’slawyers declared he would seek a divorce from former TV presenter Kelly Landry.

Look, it’s all a bit messy. There’s an AVO involved.Erin Molan’s in there.

The boat’s nice, though, and pretty fast, as its record runto Hobart’s Constitution Dock in the bigrace would suggest.

Bell put hissuper maxionthe market soon after its famous win, and it’s tipped tofetch $5 million.

He’s been coy about it, telling the AustralianFinancial Review in October Loyalwas undergoing “modification works”.

“We’ve got offices in Newcastle,” he told the Fin.

“Just supporting the locals.”

The locals,Bell Partners’office in Honeysuckle, politely told Topics on Thursday the boss’s boat really isn’t their department.

ButNewcastle harbour will be Loyal’s“semi-permanent home”, Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club chief executive Aaron Harpham confirmed.

“It is significant. It’s obviously a world class super maxi that’s earned a fairly prestigious reputation,” Mr Harpham said.

“We’re very pleased to see the boat here, and we’re pleased he’s chosen Newcastle.”

If you’re wondering whothese people are, it’s OK. This isone of those Sydney stories.

AnthonyBell isfounder and chief executive of the accountancy firm Bell Partners, and hisclients include former Test skipperMichael Clarke, Today hostKarl Stefanovic andMorning Show hostLarryEdmur.


RETURNING: Jane Goldsmith with son James and twins Elizabeth and Lucy.

YOU knowwhat’d be hardevery night?

Thebanter on the TV news. Like, the“thanks Mitch, the Knights certainly are mediocre, nowhere’s Gav”, small talkquotient of the broadcast. Topics’d be out of chat by night three.

One who makes it look easyis NBN’s Jane Goldsmith, who returns to the desknext Saturday and is in earnesttalks with her 10-month-old twins Lucy and Elizabeth abouta full night’s sleep beforehand.

Goldsmith will helm the weekend 6pm bulletins, before taking on an extra day’s reporting from April.

“I’m really looking forward to it, I’m really excited to see my colleagues again,” she tells Topics.

“I’m a bit of a news junkie;Iwatchthe 6pm news as much as I can. I’ll be feeding one of the girls and have a cheeky look atTwitter.”

The twins, as you’d expect,havebeenlife-changingfor Goldsmith, herhusband Neil Keene and their five-year-old son James.

Short of Big Dog minding the kids, Goldsmithsays NBN has been “really fantastic” and flexible about her return.

“I’ve been lucky they’veallowed me the time and I’m not rushing back, which a lot of women in the media tend to do.”

Shout-outs aredue both sets of grandparents, she says, as well as Keene, who apparently will be suitablyembarrassed to be outed as a “super dad”.


WE’VE been combingNSW Ambulance stats onbites and stings from marine creaturesforsomething to scare you with,dear reader, and it’s a bit underwhelming.

But we punch above our weight in thestingray department, with15 in the Hunterstung badly enough to needan ambulance.

Of four stings in the state on December 30,two werea woman,25,at Stockton and another, 19, atFingal Bay. So there you go.

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